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March 31 2021

Call for proposals: E-learning course of value chains tool

The PIM Value Chains Knowledge Portal ( and the Food Security Portal (FSP; are seeking to create e-learning materials to introduce a comprehensive value chains tool for improving food security, to be released on the Food Security Portal E-learning platform.[1]

The selected applicant will deliver the e-learning materials (see the expected deliverables) to the PIM Value Chains Knowledge Portal team. All data to be included in the e-learning materials should fall under the CGIAR open data policy. The Food Security Portal team will then create courseware based on the e-learning materials and publish it on the Food Security Portal E-learning platform at the end of 2021. The e-learning course will be a complimentary course open to all as a public good. The course will be promoted on the PIM Value Chains Knowledge Portal, the Food Security Portal, and PIM and FSP social media channel. The selected applicant will also be featured a speaker in an upcoming PIM webinar, co-hosted by the FSP, to highlight the e-learning course. 

This call for proposals is open to all PIM Flagship 3 members. Collaboration between PIM Flagship 3 members or between a PIM Flagship 3 member and a non-member is acceptable. Only one proposal will be selected for each applicant or applicant group. A maximum grant award of USD $10,000 is available to prepare the e-learning materials.

Expected deliverables:

  • Course overview (Word format)
    • Objectives
    • Outline
    • Target audience
    • Estimated time to complete
  • At least 3 units that instruct users on the methodology and application of the tool. Each unit should contain the following (10-12 slides per unit; PowerPoint format):
    • An introduction slide that includes objectives of the unit, structure of the unit, and the estimated time to complete it.
    • One quiz[2] for each transition of topics.
    • A final quiz1 (at least five questions) at the end of the slides to test users’ knowledge of objectives of that unit.
    • Reference materials
    • Scripts throughout for the relevant slides.
  • Final exam [3](Word format)
    • Final exam (at least 10 questions with answers; cut-off default: 70%)
  • Certificate of completion requirements (Word format)
    • Completion of Unit 1
    • Completion of Unit 2
    • Completion of Unit 3
    • 70% correct answers on final exam
    • Others
  • Required logos and names of partners or donors (High resolution of logos if possible, to be inserted in the Word document)
  • Feedback survey to collect users’ feedback (optional; Word format)
  • One PIM webinar, course co-hosted by the Food Security Portal, to promote the e-learning

Application Dates and Guidelines

  • March 31, 2021: Submission deadline for a 1 – 2 page proposal with the course overview and three unit overviews including objectives of each unit, outlines (structure) of each unit, estimate time to complete of each unit, and initial set of references. Include author(s) and affiliations
  • April 15, 2021: Notification of one proposal selection and beginning of process to draft a contract
  • June 15, 2021: Submission deadline for the first draft of deliverables
  • July 15, 2021: Submission deadline for final version of deliverables
  • September 30, 2021: Sharing the first draft of e-learning course
  • October 30, 2021: Sharing the final version of e-learning course
  • November 30, 2021: Launching the e-learning course to public users.


Proposals (including a recent CV of the applicant) should be sent to the PIM Value Chains Knowledge Portal management team by March 31:


[1] You can view a sample Impact Evaluation course after signing up on the e-learning platform.

[2] Here is a page to explain what types of questions you can use:

[3] Here is a page to explain what types of questions you can use for the final exam: We will make the certificate automatically. Essay questions are not available for the final exam.