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Learning Value Chain Basics

Duration Time 45 minutes
Level begin
Students unlimited
Price free

Learning Value Chain Basics provides a conceptual understanding of value chains as a way to link small firms to economic growth opportunities, while ensuring both the incentives for and the capability to compete in and benefit from market participation.

As described in USAID’s Value Chain Development Wiki, value chains encompass the full range of activities and services required to bring a product or service from its conception to sale in its final markets—whether local, national, regional, or global. Value chains include input suppliers, producers, processors, and buyers, as well as the support services and enabling environments that form a dynamic market system.

The Learning Value Chain Basics course focuses on USAID's value chain approach, principles, and the value chain project cycle. Designed to meet the needs of USAID staff as well as the broader development practitioner community, this course will equip staff with varied technical experience and focus to delve deeper into value chain development best practices and project design.

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Course Features
Value chain approach, principles, and the value chain project cycle
Linking small firms to economic growth opportunities


Lesson 1 - Learning Value Chain Basics Course Preview 45 minutes