USAID Digital Development Forum Zambia

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Monday, July 17, 2017

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Digital Development Forum Zambia

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Over the past decade, mobile Internet access has rapidly expanded across Zambia. Now, over 80% of Zambians have access to a mobile phone. This incredible reach has the potential to drive economic growth and radically transform development

Development actors are already using digital technology to tackle some of Zambia’s most difficult challenges. 

An inclusive digital economy is key to building a safer more prosperous future for the citizens of Zambia, yet many people remain unconnected to the internet because they cannot afford to access and use mobile services. Only 40% of Zambians have access to 3G connectivity and only 32% use mobile internet – about the same that have a TV or electricity.

Closing this gap will require deliberate effort by a wide variety of stakeholders, including governments, regulators, the private sector, donors, investors, entrepreneurs and civil society, all working together.

USAID Digital Development Forum Zambia

Please RSVP now to join over 100 experts from the digital technology and international development communities at the USAID Digital Development Forum Zambia. The public forum will focus on innovative and effective digital development solutions in Zambia for:

  • Raising the quality of basic education
  • Improving the health of Zambians and reducing the incidence and impact of HIV/AIDS
  • Increasing agriculture-led economic growth to reduce rural poverty and food insecurity
  • Enhancing transparency and accountability in government service delivery

The forum will feature local technology firms, USAID implementing partners, donors and others who are working to ensure that every citizen, even the most vulnerable, is both a participant and contributor in the digital economy.

We have an action-packed draft agenda, but we are excited to offer you the opportunity to lead sessions and shape the event.

Apply to Present

We seek your help in ensuring the event is representative of the region. Please note your interest when you RSVP to:

  • Give short 5-minute lightning talks highlighting new digital development innovations
  • Convene breakout sessions or panel discussions on core Forum topics.
  • Lead a learning lunch table to discuss relevant themes.

Space at this event is limited to 100 experts. They will be setting the digital development agenda for Zambia. And so could you – if you RSVP now.

USAID Digital Development Forum Zambia