• Sierra Leone Agricultural Value Chain Analysis

    This study presents the analysis of several agricultural commodity value chains in Tonkolili and Bombali: 1) animal protein (excluding fish and cattle), 2) grains (for food and feed), 3) horticulture (excluding tree crops), and 4) legumes/pulses (for food and feed).

  • Mozambique Agricultural Value Chain Analysis

    Mozambique's value chain analysis (VCA) aims for prioritizing and guiding interventions within and across target value chains. The analysis targeted nine value chains:Oilseeds (Soybean, sesame, groundnut), Pulses(Pigeon pea, common bean, cowpea), Banana, Cashew, and Vegetables.

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Okike, Iheanacho

Iheanacho (Acho) Okike is the country program manager for Nigeria where he coordinates ILRI’s research activities. The main focus of his work has been intensification of crop-livestock systems, livestock marketing and, more recently, control of avian influenza.   Acho holds a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (1980) and a PhD in Agricultural Economics (2000).

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